Welcome to Mondulkiri

Cambodia's North-Eastern highland plateau

Mondulkiri is Cambodia’s largest, yet least-populated province. The area features unique rolling hills, fine country views, wild natural landscapes, jungles, multiple of waterfalls and a unique indigenous culture.  
Sen Monorom - Mondulkiri’s provincial capital, at an altitude of about 800m above sea level, offers a refreshing break from the heat of Cambodia's lower plains.  Sen Monorom is located 370km north east of Phnom Penh. Traveling to Mondulkiri is easy now, since the road has been upgraded and paved.

This vast and quiet province, is one of Cambodia’s most beautiful areas, and a wonderful destination to include whilst traveling around Cambodia. Mondulkiri is a rising destination for nature / eco-tourists and there are elephant & wildlife sanctuaries and Eco-tourism projects in the area.

Click on the pictures below in order to take a virtual tour through the province, and learn more about its terrain, climate and people:

Welcome to Sen Mornorom - Mondulkiri’s small population and equally small provincial capital. Often called – “Switzerland of Cambodia” - A resemblance of high-altitude Vietnam more than lowland Cambodia define the Mondulkiri region, as grasslands and red earth give way to steep hillsides. One of mondulkiri’s great appeal is the weather, which offers a refreshing change from the heat and humidity of Cambodia's lowlands. During December - February, cold dry northeast winds dry out the landscape and scatter dust. Nights get downright chilly - A sweater, long sleeves and socks are essential here in the evenings. With multiple lovely waterfalls, and lush tropical jungles. Tourism revolves around the outdoors as visitors immerse in stunning natural beauty. The Bunong – Mondulkiri’s indigenous people have been living in the hills and jungles of Mondulkiri for centuries. The Bunong practice a complex animist tradition. Some Bunongs have more recently adopted Christianity. Traditional Bunong huts are made of timber, thatch and rattan. Many Bunong families now like to build wooden houses beside the traditional hut. inside a traditional home: There are several platforms for sleeping and storing food. The Bunong practice small scale slash and burn agriculture. They cultivate mainly  highland rice, cassava, corn, cashew and coffee. Being partial hunter gatherers, the Bunong hold a great knowledge of Mondulkiri’s forests, including a wide tradition of medicinal plants. The Bunong’s unique culture includes a tradition of taming wild elephants for work and transportation. Bunong children grow up with family elephants, yet breeding their elephants is considered a religious taboo. The Mondulkiri elephant & wildlife sanctuary provides a protected rainforest habitat, where retired domestic elephants roam freely. It is possible to visit the sanctuary and help create a future for elephants in Mondulkiri. By visiting Nature Lodge – you are choosing responsible tourism. lightbox photo gallery dreamweaverby VisualLightBox.com v6.0

Siam Reap - Mondulkiri

    From Siam Reap To Mondulkiri

  • Option 1 :

    IF you sleep well on buses, the night bus option: Catch the latest night buse leaving Siem Reap, arriving in Phnom Penh in the early morning.  When in Phnom Penh, take any Express minivan to Mondulkiri. Morning vans leave at 7 AM.

    The early bird option: Catch the earliest express minivan leaving Siem Reap for Phnom Penh. (You need to get to Phnom Penh before 12:30)  When in Phnom Penh - catch any Express van to Mondulkiri, vans leave at 1 PM.

  • Option 2 :


    The Reak Smey transportation Company has a bus that travels daily from Siem Reap to Mondulkiri,
    Bus leaves once daily departing at 6.30am.  At Kompong Cham you change buses, arriving in Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri between 6pm and 7pm at night.  
    Mr Sothorn speaks a little English, ask to speak to him get or ask for help with booking a seat at your guest house.
    Cost: $ 20
    Travel time: approx 11 hours
    Telephone: 012 52 72 82 / 096 224 12 12 / 097 37 77 998

    From Mondulkiri To Siam Reap


    Soriya transportation Company has a bus that travels daily from Mondulkiri via Kampong Cham. The company arranges a bus change at Skun.
    1 daily bus at 7.15AM, Cost: $ 23
    Travel time: approx. 9 hours
    Tickets can be arranged at Nature Lodge.


    If you wish to stop to visit Kampong Cham, It is possible to take the daily Soriya bus from Sen Monorom to Kampong Cham.
    1 daily bus at 7.15AM, Cost: $ 8
    Travel time: approx. 5 hours
    Tickets can be arranged at Nature Lodge.


    Sorya Bus Company
    There is a Sorya Bus that travels once daily from Kompong Cham to Mondulkiri,
    Daily departure: between 12.00pm -12.30pm, arriving in Mondulkiri between 6pm and 7pm. Cost: 31,000 riel (USD $7.75)
    Kompong Cham Station Address: No.31, Village 7, Road Monivong, District Kg. Cham, Kampong Cham
    Travel time: approx 6 hours
    Telephone: 092 181 810  /  081 908 010  /  081 908 024  /  081 908 025 Booking:http://www.ppsoryatransport.com/

  • Mondulkiri - VIETNAM


    Catch any minivan or bus to Snoul (1.5 hours, on the way to Phnom Penh). From Snoul you take a motorbike taxi to the border. This takes 15 minutes and costs around $5. Once you cross the border you have to take another motorbike (20 minutes) which will bring you to a Loc Ninh, where you can catch a local bus to Ho Chi Minh City ( takes 3.5 hours, approx. $7).
    Important note: Make sure you have a valid Vietnamese visa and buy some Vietnamese currency (Dong) in advance as there is no ATM or exchange service near the border.

  • VIETNAM - Mondulkiri


    From Lộc Ninh, catch transport to Cửa khẩu Hoa Lư ( the border).
    From the border, take a motorbike taxi to Snoul. This takes 15 minutes and costs around $5. Snoul is 1.5 hours from Sen Monorom and there are several van & buses heading to Sen Monorom passing through.
    Cambodian Visas are available at the border.The requirments for obtaining a Cambodian visa are:
    At least 6 months validity of your passport and one blank page in your passport.

  • laos - Stung treng - Mondulkiri

    Sorya Bus Company
    Soriya transport has a daily bus from Pakse, Laos to Phnom Penh, via Stung treng. The company can arrange a bus change in Snoul.
    1 daily bus from 7.15AM – cost $ 22 / 19
    Travel time: approx. 11-9  hours, with a bus change in Snoul

  • SHARED LOCAL MINIVANS: The local shared vans are much faster, yet often overcrowded. If you want one seat to yourself - It is possible to secure extra space by buying an extra ticket.
    Stung Treng departure time: 1 daily van at 8 AM with a van change in Katie
    Cost: $ 5-10 Kratie Van Station: At the market, it’s best to arrange seats a day in advance through your guest house.
    Contact: Sou Heng, Tel 012232448
  • Mondulkiri - stung treng - laos

    We can arrange seats by Soriya bus to Stung Treng and Pakse, Laos.
    Another option is to first travel by shared minivan to Kratie and from there change vans to to Stung Treng.
    1 daily van at 8 AM.
    cost $12
    Travel time: approx. 6-7 hours

    Si Phan Don Border
    Laos and Cambodian visas are available at the border crossing. Laos visa costs $ 30-50, dipending on nationality. Cambodian visa costs $ 25-30. Its a good idea to prepare the exact amount denomination and bring 2 passport photos. read more